Spring is ready

It hit 80 degrees outside today. All sorts of green plants are coming up, getting ready to put on another show. I even have two barrels of compost that cooked over the winter, ready to spread on them again. I’m almost ready to enjoy the coming spring. But first you have to convince me that […]

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Ignore the rain

It’s raining again. Everything is grey. It’s raining again. The water-barrel is overflowing. What exactly do I need to save water for? It’s raining again. And it’s cold! Time to pile the blankets we never put away back on the bed. You’re not supposed to be tempted to turn on the heat in June!

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Green shoots

Check it out: when the rain gets rid of the snow, it turns out green stuff was growing under there all along. I’m not entirely sure whether this is an iris or a daylily, but there’s several of them up on the hill. Who cares, they’re green! And there’s dirt! Now that’s what I call […]

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Come onnnnn, summer! Daylilies mean summer, right? The solstice means summer, right? What happened to summer?

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