Losing the war on weeds

First the good news: the lilies are flowering. It really is summer.

And the other way you know it’s summer is that’s when you start to lose the war on weeds.

Black swallowwort after it\'s been weededRemember the black swallowwort? Here’s what a patch that I had cleared out of the evil weed looks like now. Isn’t that nice? Such a beautiful mix. There’s some yellow wood sorrel(which is actually a tasty little snack) in the lower left, some lamb’s quarters (which is delicious!) behind the rather attractive grass stalks, and um, oh yeah. Black swallowwort. Which is poisonous even to monarch butterflies.

Black swallowort that hasn\'t been touchedHere’s what the other side of the back yard looks like, where I haven’t managed to weed out anything. Now it’s completely choked by one weed, black swallowwort.

Totally evil.
Black swallowort flower and seedpod
And worst part is these little buggers: the flowers that you never really see and the pods they produce in high summer, full of evil, evil seeds.

Have I mentioned that it’s evil lately?