The Tale of Titanosaur’s Tail

Bibliography entry #1, “The Tale of Titanosaur’s Tail” is now available at Spaceports and Spidersilk. It comes with a cute picture of a dinosaur toy and everything. Since I don’t have dinosaurs in my yard, I will settle for this Downy woodpecker. Titanosaur’s  tale was written for my inner six-year old. If you have one […]

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Long Apatosaur is Long

In the days of the Very Long Ago, there was a great Apatosaurus and his tail was very long, oh my best beloved. He would walk through the spiny piney palmy forests and snap his tail, ever so gracefully, ever so loudly, and CRACK, down would fall the trees and he could eat. He would […]

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Re: Feathered Dragons

A change of pace from my usual light reading, Feathered Dragons, edited by Philip J. Currie and others, is a collection of papers about the transition from dinosaurs to birds. After an introduction by Robert T. Bakker, the first section is a broad overview. In the second section are several studies of fossils and tracks, […]

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The Dinosaur Heresies

While The Dinosaur Heresies, by Robert T. Bakker was published over twenty years ago, it remains the seminal book that shifted the popular image of dinosaurs from plodding swamp things that were justly extinguished, to lively, rutting beasts whose children are birds. As the book acknowledges its debt to 19th century paleontologists, it’s an interesting […]

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