A writer intent Went to the Internet, To give her poor blog a post. But when she got there, The Internet was bare, And so her poor blog had none. And here’s what I was going to write last night:

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Sedum Autumn Joy, Full of Bees

“Autumn Joy” pink sedum is one of the easiest ways to feed your bees.  It’s one of those plants that you only have to plant once. Just pick a sunny spot and it will thrive. And every autumn, it will put up pink balls of flowers. If there are any honeybees around, they will find […]

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Two pears down, one not found

There’s a pair of pears Down there. And a third has fared Somewhere. Maybe it rolled downhill To be feasted on by a squirrel. Or a raccoon gave the tree a whirl And its belly is sweetly filled. I was going to pick them some day Before one was stolen away And the other two […]

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