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Three little snowdrop maids are we

Three snowdrops of many

Three little snowdrop maids are we,
Shaking our bells of fantasy.
Open your eyes and you will see
Three little snowdrop maids.

One little maid shakes off the snow.
Two little maids sway to and fro.
Three little maids trade what we know.
Three little snowdrop maids.

We open our petals to greet the sun.
The cloudiest days are just as fun,
With cheery white smiles for everyone.
Three little snowdrop maids.

Awakening bees you must be bold.
Spring will melt the winter’s cold.
Come to us now and you’ll behold
Three little snowdrop maids.
Three little snowdrop maids!


No snow today

Trail of cat prints in brief snow

We had snow before, and there will be more, but we have no snow today.

It fell in the night, silent and white, and then it melted away.

While it lay on the ground, the cat made his rounds,  leaving a steady trail.

Then he came inside, licked himself dry, and covered his nose with his tail.


What’s a little rain and slush to a raspberry bush?

Still picking raspberries

What’s a little rain and slush

To a hardy soul like a raspberry bush?

More raspberries!

I got nothing but a green bee

All green bee in golden flowers

Never mind the rain, here’s a green bee,

Clad from head to tail in a green sheen.

And here’s where I give up on

Finding a rhyme for Agapostemon.

The corn is so cute!

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Oh, oh, oh, oh,
The corn is so cute,
Oh, oh, oh, oh,
With its tassel just so,
Oh, oh, oh, oh,
And the grasshopper knows,
Oh, oh, oh, oh,
Where the tenderest shoot,
Oh, oh, oh, oh,
Will not be complete,
’til it offers itself,
To a hopper to eat.

Four lines, one excuse

Tonight I’m feeling sleep deprived,
And so this blog has not arrived.
If this excuse should sound contrived,
I’m blowing off writing a proper post and I really don’t care how this last line should be derived.

One wild rose

Wild rose

One wild rose pinking the end of spring

Hints at the bouquets cultivation would bring.

Poised in the moment between opening and fraying

Its eye open wide in search of bees straying.

Snail weather


This weather is snail weather, and its pace from day to day is snail slow.
My garden is snail fodder, despite how the rain makes it grow.

Why must snails have such pretty shells?
Is that spiral a bulls-eye to send them to hell?

I may pluck them and fling them and drug them with beer,
But hordes of snails return every year.

A song for tulips passing

Tulips in their moment in the sun

Grass is still growing.
Wind is still blowing.
Sun shines, clouds pass.
But the tulips are done showing.
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Bees in the trees

Miner bee enjoying pear blossoms

The bees are in the trees,

It’s a happy, buzzing breeze,

Cause the bees are in the trees,

And the pear blossoms are pleased,

Down in the earth, up to the leaves,

The miner bees are in the trees.