No snow today

We had snow before, and there will be more, but we have no snow today. It fell in the night, silent and white, and then it melted away. While it lay on the ground, the cat made his rounds,  leaving a steady trail. Then he came inside, licked himself dry, and covered his nose with […]

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The corn is so cute!

Oh, oh, oh, oh, The corn is so cute, Oh, oh, oh, oh, With its tassel just so, Oh, oh, oh, oh, And the grasshopper knows, Oh, oh, oh, oh, Where the tenderest shoot, Oh, oh, oh, oh, Will not be complete, ’til it offers itself, To a hopper to eat.

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One wild rose

One wild rose pinking the end of spring Hints at the bouquets cultivation would bring. Poised in the moment between opening and fraying Its eye open wide in search of bees straying.

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Snail weather

This weather is snail weather, and its pace from day to day is snail slow. My garden is snail fodder, despite how the rain makes it grow. Why must snails have such pretty shells? Is that spiral a bulls-eye to send them to hell? I may pluck them and fling them and drug them with […]

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Bees in the trees

The bees are in the trees, It’s a happy, buzzing breeze, Cause the bees are in the trees, And the pear blossoms are pleased, Down in the earth, up to the leaves, The miner bees are in the trees.

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