Re: Don’t Stop

So far the only short story (and therefore my favorite) I’ve read from the Nebula nominees is “Don’t Stop”, by James Patrick Kelly. Well, actually I’ve listened to the excellent reading and discussion of the story available at Free Reads. (The text is now available at Asimov’s.)

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Re: The Pyramid of Amirah

I seem to be on a James Patrick Kelly streak; it turns out that recently Beam Me Up played the reading from Free Reads of “The Pyramid of Amirah.” It’s quite short, which makes it hard for to say more than “it’s a moody, unsettling little story.” Well, October is the right time of year […]

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Re: Serpent

Okay, I feel better. I cracked open my copy of James Patrick Kelly‘s latest collection, The Wreck of the Godspeed, and got a few laughs from “Serpent.”  Told from the viewpoint of the serpent in the Garden, it’s worth reading (or listening to) just for the jokes. Like all good jokes, the story has plenty […]

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Re: Burn

Have you ever heard the theory that giving away content can encourage people to buy? Well, it worked on me. After I listened to James Patrick Kelly read “Burn” on Free Reads, I bought a copy. In hard-cover. And a collection of his short stories, Strange But Not A Stranger, also in hard-cover. In “Burn,” […]

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