Re: The Pyramid of Amirah

I seem to be on a James Patrick Kelly streak; it turns out that recently Beam Me Up played the reading from Free Reads of “The Pyramid of Amirah.” It’s quite short, which makes it hard for to say more than “it’s a moody, unsettling little story.” Well, October is the right time of year for unsettling.

In a “what if we still built pyramids” story, Amirah is a high school girl in the Tri-City area who is chosen to be sealed into a pyramid. Despite (or perhaps because of) the weirdness of this idea, the story is told in a realistic manner. You get to know Amirah, her friends, her family, while she waits for the meaning to come. When it does, the story opens out into a vision that doesn’t quite tell you what it means, but somehow you think you know, and yet trying to put it into words would take the meaning out.

If you know what I mean.


2 responses to “Re: The Pyramid of Amirah

  1. God, Pam, that is the best description of the end of this enigmatic little story that I’ve ever read.



  2. Gosh! You reminded me what it feels like to blush.