Gulped. That’s what happened to the first few babies that popped out of my new guppies.

We had guppies when I was a kid, so it’s a bit funny to me that it took me so long to set up a guppy tank. After all, I’ve been keeping goldfish (which I haven’t shown you–should fix that) and a succession of betta fish for a few years now.  It all started when I put a water lily in a pot outside and needed a fish to eat the mosquitoes.

Goldfish are easy to keep–and easy for raccoons to catch. The other problem is that if any goldfish survive the summer, after a winter inside, they’re too big for the water lily pot. So, until I dig a proper fish pond, I have to use other fish.

This summer a few betta fish lived outside, but Flash was the only one who made it. I was so impressed, I set up a nice, heated ten gallon tank all for him to spend the winter in–and he promptly died. I don’t know why I keep naming fish.

Since I had the perfect setup for a handful of guppies, I added Black Tail, Neon, Speckles, Flame Tail, Tiger, Flag, and Black Stocking. And if I still have guppies next summer, some of them will get to live outside and eat mosquito larvae.