So many guppies!

I have totally given up on trying to name guppies. The guppy tank always looks pretty much the same from day to day, week to week, month to month. In sort, there’s a lot of guppies in there. There are always lots, there are always new little ones, and somehow there always seems to be […]

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Bowl of guppies

Remember the guppies that were outside swimming under a water lily? Probably not. Well, if you know anything about guppies, you might be relieved to hear that I brought them inside about a month ago, when the nights began to cool.

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Unlike the skunks, who stroll by every night all bold and leisurely, the raccoons sneak around in darkness.  You might get up for a late-night pee and hear gnawing and chewing and noshing; and when you peer down from upstairs, there’s a raccoon emptying the bird feeders. Or you might be sitting by the window […]

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The water lily and the guppies

This is why I keep guppies–for the water lily. One water lily in a free-standing black tub. Keeping even such a small lily pond means setting up a whole system. I add  hornwort and anachris to aerate the water. I add water hyacinths to help clear the water with their roots and for a few […]

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Sons of Sue

My guppy named Sue is turning out to be quite beautiful, if I may say so. I love his flowing flaming tail, the rainbow shimmer on his sides, and the blue-white flags of his fins. If you can believe these blurry pictures. Despite my earlier fears, the tank hasn’t filled with baby guppies yet.There’s still […]

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A Guppy Named Sue

Well, well, well. Look who turned about to be a boy after all. The one pretty guppy of the six sisters is now quite beautiful, with a flaming red tail, and shiny white flag, and gleaming sides. So he has a name, now. Sue.

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Do guppies say cheese?

I seem to have veered off in a new direction. Take a picture. Write about it. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. It’s easy to do most days, except I can’t really call it a direction. Worse, today we had dimsum, but didn’t take any pictures. And we went for a long walk, but didn’t take any pictures. […]

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