That’s Mr. James Madison to you

Sue the guppy
Sue the guppy
Sue and sons and Mom?
Sue and sons and a mom

Sue is still pretty. He’s still the star of the guppy tank with his flaring red tail all fanned out.

The sons of Sue are indeed sons. They’re not quite as big as Sue, but each are clearly chips of the rainbow-sided block .

And they’re all doing their best to become dads.

James Madison displays to a female guppy
Mr. James Madison Guppy shows off
Mr. Evelyn Guppy zips by
Mr. Evelyn Guppy evading a close look

Evelyn hasn’t changed much, except to grow bigger. To the eye, he has rainbow sides, white flags, a black stocking, and a split in his tail. To the camera, he’s a zippy blur.

Madison has become quite handsome, adding speckles and rainbows, and flaring white fins. No doubt about it, he’s a Mr. James Madison.

Baby guppies on summer vacation
Baby guppies on summer vacation
More baby guppies!
More baby guppies!

I don’t know which of them are the dads, but I rescued eight or nine babies from gulpiehood this week. Three are in the lily tub outside, now. They’re on summer vacation, eating all the critters in the water. It may be a more interesting environment out there, but these guys won’t get names until fall.

Since the weather is still awfully cool for guppies, the others are inside in their own bowl. I was planning to hold them in reserve and put them outside on the next warm day. But just today, in the official guppy tank, another dozen babies showed up. Busy, busy guppies.