Re: Will You Be An Astronaut?

In New Skies, there are a fair number of classics which are heavily anthologized elsewhere, such as “Out of All Them Bright Stars” and “They’re Made Out of Meat“. Most of the stories seem to be directed at young people who haven’t read science fiction before. I think if that were the case for me, […]

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Re: Sleepy Joe

One nice thing about my iTouch is that I can carry it outside and play in the garden while catching up on listening to fun stories like “Sleepy Joe,” by Marc Laidlaw. This amusing story got a fabulous reading on Escape Pod.

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Re: Betting the Family Farm

There is only one water feature in “Betting the Family Farm” by Wenonah Lyon, so the story is quite dry. I like the dry descriptions of events as an alien comes to Earth to play golf. I like the dry reading it got on Escape Pod. It doesn’t even rain in the story. So, for […]

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Re: Hubris

I’ve got another James Patrick Kelly story to talk about, “Hubris,” about a man who runs afoul of a goddess. It’s very short, so I will be brief.

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Re: The Grand Cheat

“The Grand Cheat,”  by Hilary Moon Murphy is a charming deal with the deva story, where not only do we find a loophole, the god is forced to enforce it.  If there’s a contract, that’s even better.  As the narrator observes in the first line: A contract is only two people, each doing his damnedest […]

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Re: The Pyramid of Amirah

I seem to be on a James Patrick Kelly streak; it turns out that recently Beam Me Up played the reading from Free Reads of “The Pyramid of Amirah.” It’s quite short, which makes it hard for to say more than “it’s a moody, unsettling little story.” Well, October is the right time of year […]

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