Salmon Hot Pot

It’s been cold and rainy and nasty all day, just the weather I’ve been waiting for to make the last on my list of Japanese Hot Pots I wanted to try: Ishikari Nabe, or Salmon Hot Pot. Underneath all that salmon and tofu and mushrooms are cabbage and potatoes cooked in a miso broth. In […]


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Attack of the mushroom hot pot

It’s still cold and I’m sti’ll making hot pots. For this one, I threw it a whole lot of things I like in hot pots. It started with kombu and cabbage. Then I scattered in buttercup squash and carrot and taro root. Finally I piled on the mushrooms: shiitake and oyster mushrooms and enokitake and […]

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Squash Hot Pot

One of the ways I survived my cold was to make lots of hot soups and stews. They tasted so good I’m still making them. This is the latest, a hot pot with squash and vegetable and noodles from Japanese Hot Pots. That book has been a life-saver.

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