A day of good bee hunting

I enjoyed hosting today on the Life-Friendly Garden Tour. Nice people stopped by and let me show off my bees. If you’re interested at all in bees, you know about honeybees going missing. If you want to help honeybees, the best way is to keep a hive. It’s not hard, so they say, and it […]

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Bye, columbine

The last of my columbines are still attracting bees (this one is a Lasioglossum), but they are fading and raising up fistfuls of seed pods.  They’ll be back. They’ve come back and spread with glee, ever since I planted a few seeds years ago. All I remember of the variety is that supposedly the dark […]

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Three bees

I still have nothing more to say about the flowers from yesterday. I want to talk about the bees, starting with the cuckoo bee up to its neck in dandelion. Like the birds, they lay their eggs in other bees nests so carefully dug and provisioned in the ground. I’ve seen them before, tiny reddish […]

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The plums have bees, too

The plum tree is now covered in fluffy white blossoms, and surrounded by little bees zooming in and out. They don’t stop for long, quickly moving on to the next prospect. This one is a sweat bee of genus Lasioglossum, which I suppose doesn’t tell you (or me) much. They are native bees and this […]

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