First maple shoot

I guess this is the first weed of the year: a maple shoot. And I’m not going have time to pull it or any others for a few days, because NERAX started tonight. Let the insanity ensue.

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Weed patrol: Trees?

For all the griping I do about the evil swallowort, right now all the maple shoots seem almost as bad. Those things pop up everywhere, every year. No matter how many you pull, the next thing you know, the shoots you missed are turning into seedlings, the seedlings you missed are turning into saplings, and […]

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Maple Sprouts

These are the weeds I should be pulling: sneaky little maple sprouts, lying coiled on the surface, eager for spring rains to wake them, ready to spread green little wings.  They’re easy to pull now, but not when they take root and become seedlings and saplings and trees. That’s the price of having a corner […]

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