Maple Sprouts

Maple sprouts
Maple sprouts

These are the weeds I should be pulling: sneaky little maple sprouts, lying coiled on the surface, eager for spring rains to wake them, ready to spread green little wings.  They’re easy to pull now, but not when they take root and become seedlings and saplings and trees. That’s the price of having a corner on the hillside shaded by maples.

Stay tuned for Weed War 2009: The Long Defeat.


2 thoughts on “Maple Sprouts

  1. Setting this one to music:

    For further reading:
    The Green-Sky Trilogy, by Zilpha Keatley Snyder.
    Below the Root
    And all Between
    Until the Celebration

    Good luck finding these. You may have to go to a larger public library. Um, you’ll find them in the juvenile or young adult section.

    I’m tempted to suggest
    Rainbow Mars
    by Larry Niven. It’s on topic (today’s topic is trees), but I didn’t particularly like it. I suspect that you’ll like it more than I did, but you won’t particularly like it either.

    It’s been a while since I’ve been to the Los Angeles central library. Bad experience as a teen: went in the evening, when it was time to go home (9:00 p.m.) the bus didn’t show up for a couple of hours.

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