About those Mushrooms

It all started at the  farmers market in Charles Square last fall with 100 grams of exquisite oyster mushrooms from Shady Oaks Organics. I talked to the guys, and they told me a little about how they grow the mushrooms on straw. The mushrooms were so beautiful and so delicious, I got it into my […]

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Attack of the mushroom hot pot

It’s still cold and I’m sti’ll making hot pots. For this one, I threw it a whole lot of things I like in hot pots. It started with kombu and cabbage. Then I scattered in buttercup squash and carrot and taro root. Finally I piled on the mushrooms: shiitake and oyster mushrooms and enokitake and […]

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Insane Mushroom Posse

All over a corner of the hill, a swath of mushrooms has popped up like, like, mushrooms. This is just one small portion of them. And the visible portion of a fungus, the fruiting body, is just one small portion of the whole organism. There must be a giant mass of mycelium under there. The […]

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Compost checkup

It’s not a pretty sight, but you gotta check out the compost in a tumbler and see how it’s doing.  I first looked in about ten days after I filled the tumbler. There were some dry spots and it had just a whiff of ammonia. Time to make some adjustments.

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