Compost checkup

Compost after ten days
Compost after nine days
Mushroom in compost
Mushrooms after 17 days

It’s not a pretty sight, but you gotta check out the compost in a tumbler and see how it’s doing.  I first looked in about ten days after I filled the tumbler. There were some dry spots and it had just a whiff of ammonia. Time to make some adjustments.

Compost should be moist, like a wrung-out sponge. So I added some water, but not too much because it’s a closed system. The pee smell meant there was too much nitrogen in the mix, which meant that I had put into too much on the green side. All those weeds and kitchen scraps needed browns to balance them out with carbon.  So I added more dried leaves from last fall.

Close and turn.

At the 17 day mark, it’s subsided halfway down, making the tumbler awkward and heavy. It’s all dark and moist, and  it smells like earth. And it fruited! Maybe half a dozen mushrooms were sending white shoots up in the warm darkness. This batch is getting near done!

Close and turn. Poor mushrooms. Close and turn.