Compost fixes everything

Finally, finally one of my compost tumblers finished cooking the leaves and weeds, and finally I emptied it. So today I brought over a couple more bags of compost to my community garden plot, and the most important “finally” is that the whole plot has a layer of compost on it. The best part is […]

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Soldier fly on the brink

One of the great things about making compost is that it pretty much takes care of making itself. All you really do is pile up weeds and leaves, and wet it down. Everything else is just finding the right container. I love my tumblers, but I pull weeds faster than I empty the tumblers. So […]

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Spring is ready

It hit 80 degrees outside today. All sorts of green plants are coming up, getting ready to put on another show. I even have two barrels of compost that cooked over the winter, ready to spread on them again. I’m almost ready to enjoy the coming spring. But first you have to convince me that […]

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Boring, boring compost

The batch of compost I started last month is all cooked up and spread out. I actually emptied it last week, but I kept finding something else to post until I almost forgot about the compost.  So maybe things are a little out of order, but the compost makes everything else possible.

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Compost checkup

It’s not a pretty sight, but you gotta check out the compost in a tumbler and see how it’s doing.  I first looked in about ten days after I filled the tumbler. There were some dry spots and it had just a whiff of ammonia. Time to make some adjustments.

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Compost Happens

Every true blue organic believer is going to tell you that a steady supply of compost is the one best thing you can do for your soil. Soil too sandy? Compost. Soil too heavy? Compost. Not enough earthworms? Compost. And it’s all true. Compost even apologized to the hazelnut and mulberry trees I abused and […]

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