Our community garden has hawks!

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The sky was grey when I visited my community garden plot today. It was still hot, but a bit of a relief from the blazing sun of the last three days. The wind rising provided more relief and a promise of thunderstorms later tonight. But I had a couple things to do before the rain fell.

First off, I installed a couple of supports for the tomatoes, which are finally growing, now that I’ve added some compost. But I need more compost. So I also brought over a bag of vermicompost from my worm bin. The worms don’t like the heat, either, by the way. When I took the cover off, I found great balls of worms clustered on top of each tray. Or maybe they were moving up, because the lower trays were completely composted. I hope they’re doing better now that I’ve removed all that old stuff and added more food for them.

Anyway, the vermicompost went on the squares of turnips. They sprouted, and got as far as forming true leaves, and just stopped growing. They needed help, so I brought in the worm version of help. Then I watered everything again until the sky began to thunder. Maybe it was time to go.

As I was gathering things up, I spotted something else in the sky: a hawk swooped by, looking huge as it glided low over the street. It settled at the very top of a pine tree. Shortly after, another hawk joined the scene in another tree. Maybe they’re a pair. Maybe they’re siblings, having fledgled only a few weeks ago. Either way, I think I know where they might find a nice, juicy woodchuck.