Is this is a sunflower or another mystery plant?

A couple weeks ago I plucked a couple of large sprouts from the compost (yes, more sprouts in the compost) and planted them in proper soil. Much to my surprise, my diligent watering and mulching is actually leading them to prosper. But what are they?

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Bee approved, mystery plant

There is no more doubt about the mystery plants. It’s a sunflower. Several sunflowers, that is. Everything about them says “Sunflower”:  the broad leaves, the flat yellow disks, the mathematical spiral in the centers, the honeybee, the green Agapostemon bee, and more bees to come.

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Mystery Plants

Got a couple of mystery plants. One is new, one is old. I have a guess for both, but I’m never sure. The new one is a several ones all sprouting near where a small sunflower grew last year. Is it another sunflower? Or a Black-Eyed Susan? It might even  be a coneflower. Or something […]

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