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Long Apatosaur is Long

Apatosaur's long tail is long

Apatosaur's long tail is long.

In the days of the Very Long Ago, there was a great Apatosaurus and his tail was very long, oh my best beloved. He would walk through the spiny piney palmy forests and snap his tail, ever so gracefully, ever so loudly, and CRACK, down would fall the trees and he could eat. He would slosh by the edge of the pond and wave his tail, ever so gracefully, ever so sloshily, and WOOSH, up would come the water lilies and he could eat.

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The gasman cometh

I don’t know if this is scifi-related, but I dreamed the other day that Heinlein was our house guest and he was a pain in the ass. Instead of building the house into a tesseract, he took everything apart and left the pieces lying all over the place. There were things as big as engine blocks in the living room. Maybe they were engine blocks. I had to step over them just to get around in my own house.
Then I discovered he had replaced the kitchen sink with one with teeny little taps on the near side and a teeny little faucet so close to the edge it was impossible to fill a saucepan with water.  I was incensed. I decided to find the old sink and put it back.

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