Fall surprises

Just when I had given up on my sad-looking, spindly poblano plant, it decided to prove me wrong. (I get to be wrong a lot in the garden.) It cleverly concealed its fruits in the shape of withered sunflower leaves amid all the withered sunflower leaves. And that’s not the only strange thing.


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Two pears down, one not found

There’s a pair of pears Down there. And a third has fared Somewhere. Maybe it rolled downhill To be feasted on by a squirrel. Or a raccoon gave the tree a whirl And its belly is sweetly filled. I was going to pick them some day Before one was stolen away And the other two […]

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Rain blahs

It’s raining today, but it’s not even interesting rain.  It’s just cold and gray enough to drive the cat inside for a lap, so that’s nice. And it makes the pears look like they’re going to be sweet and juicy, so that’s nice. But nice is boring.

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Fruits of Summer

Warm, sunny days mean ripening fruits. Today I picked my first BIG tomato, a Ramapo tomato that I bought at Mahoney’s this year. Supposedly it’s the original “New Jersey” tomato. It’s an heirloom in the sense that it’s an old variety, but not an heirloom in the sense of seeds gardeners can save. Since it’s […]

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Pear blossoms

The pear trees are in flower, too ,though not as extragantly as the plum tree. I like how they hold up white clusters to the sky. That means all my fruit trees are in flower.

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First fruits

Here’s the first batch of daffodils cut. They’re now on my desk, exuding so much soapy scent, I’m sneezing. And my fruit trees arrived!

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