Today’s ounce of raspberries

My late season of “everbearing” Heritage raspberries is coming in dribs and drabs. There are just enough flowers to keep the bumblebees coming back to the raspberry patch, and just enough fruits to keep me checking on them every few days. Some days, I almost get a handful of raspberries!

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It’s raspberry season again!

I finished eating the raspberries from the first season about a couple weeks ago. These are the second wave that comes from the fallbearing raspberries. They are Heritage raspberries, and they make big, cone-shaped berries. Most of mine are growing under the butterfly bush, and I think they pick up some of the dusky fragrance […]

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Are you ready for raspberries?

No matter how you might be feeling, time marches on. Plants grow, birds frolic, bees pollinate, and fruit ripens. I’m still picking strawberries, and already raspberries are showing their first bit of color. Last year I was surprised by raspberries right around Fourth of July. This year, they’re even sooner. Two weeks early, just like […]

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