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Today’s ounce of raspberries

Raspberries in a circle dance

My late season of “everbearing” Heritage raspberries is coming in dribs and drabs. There are just enough flowers to keep the bumblebees coming back to the raspberry patch, and just enough fruits to keep me checking on them every few days. Some days, I almost get a handful of raspberries!


It’s raspberry season again!

Raspberries are back

I finished eating the raspberries from the first season about a couple weeks ago. These are the second wave that comes from the fallbearing raspberries. They are Heritage raspberries, and they make big, cone-shaped berries. Most of mine are growing under the butterfly bush, and I think they pick up some of the dusky fragrance of the flowers. So nice!

Starting to pick more raspberries

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Both black and red raspberries are ripening now. I like the flavor of the black ones more, but growing them has turned out to be a bit of a pain.

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It may have been too soon, as the berry was a tad sour, but it’s a raspberry!

Are you ready for raspberries?

ImageNo matter how you might be feeling, time marches on. Plants grow, birds frolic, bees pollinate, and fruit ripens. I’m still picking strawberries, and already raspberries are showing their first bit of color. Last year I was surprised by raspberries right around Fourth of July. This year, they’re even sooner. Two weeks early, just like everything else.

Raspberries that just can’t quit you

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I thought I had posted the last about raspberries this year. I thought when I went out yesterday to cut down the spent canes, I would be done taking care of them. Even when I picked a ripe one and ate it, I thought that was the last. I was wrong, as usual.

Yes, there are still raspberries alive out there. Some of them were a bit tart, but most were ripe and sweet. Even then I thought I was just going to pick all of the stragglers and cut down the canes. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. When a cane bearing the berries is done, you cut it down to the ground, leaving the canes that didn’t flower this year for next year. Then I found the one last cane with berries still pale and slowly ripening.

Foolish of the berries to fruit so late, and foolish of me to leave it standing.  But you never know.  I might be picking raspberries on Christmas. And then I’ll definitely be done.


Raspberries?! Still? Get out!

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It’s a beautiful day today, perfect for climbing the hill and seeing how the raspberries how doing. Not that I’m expecting much. It’s fall. We even had snow already. It’s time for raspberries to take a break.

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What’s a little rain and slush to a raspberry bush?

Still picking raspberries

What’s a little rain and slush

To a hardy soul like a raspberry bush?

More raspberries!

Sometimes red means go ahead and eat

The various bright reds in the garden are catching my eye.

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Tomatoes are red.
Strawberries are red.
Raspberries are red.
Even crabapples and rose hips are red.

They are the reds of little round traffic lights,
Reds that mean Stop and pick me,
Reds than mean Go ahead and eat me.

Raspberries are back

Fall raspberries

The fall crop of raspberries is coming in. Maybe if the sun comes out, I can pick berries again.