Readercon is also raspberry week

The raspberry harvest always peaks right around the week of Readercon. I have quarts and quarts in the fridge and the freezer. I offered up a pint of raspberries to the con suite. And there’s still more raspberries that I don’t have time to pick because of Readercon. Hang on there, raspberries, don’t drop off. […]


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A darker harvest

Sounds like a cheesy vampire novel, but all I see are deep colored berries entering the mix: black raspberries, blueberries, and darkest of all, mulberries. Oh yeah, the strawberries are still ripening, too. Whenever I pick black raspberries, I always remember a story I read as a child, “Green Black Raspberries are Red.” This is […]

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Return of the raspberries

My Heritage raspberries have finally gotten their second wind. They’re classed as everbearing, but what that really means is they can offer a dual crop: one on last year’s growth in midsummer, and another on this year’s growth in fall. They’ve been in flower all August, but the inconstant dry weather seems to have held […]

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Bees in the berries

The bees are busy in the berries.  Lots of bumblebees rush from flower to flower in the raspberries. This one seems to be trying to choose between a berry in progress and a fresh flower. So many berries, so little time. And there’s other bees to compete with.

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