More fruit for squirrels to wish they could steal

Never mind the late lamented peaches. More flowers are coming, promising more fruits. The raspberries are still going steadily, and the eggplants are just beginning to flower.  Since raspberries have thorns and raw eggplant is bitter, I just might get to eat some of these.

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Today’s harvest

This is the earliest raspberries I’ve ever harvested my raspberries. Usually I get maybe three berries before the fourth of July. Today I picked a few in the morning and a lot in the evening. Must have been all the rain. It sure as heck wasn’t the sun. There were a few red raspberries too, […]

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Optimistic Tomatoes

If you need a little optimism in your life, grow tomatoes. (Besides, we might all be growing victory gardens next year.) They will keep flowering no matter what, until the first hard frost. Look at this! It’s after Columbus Day, and it’s still hoping. Too bad. I pinched the flower off so the plant will […]

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