Optimistic Tomatoes

Tomato still flowering hopefully
Tomato still flowering hopefully
Still ripening!
Still ripening

If you need a little optimism in your life, grow tomatoes. (Besides, we might all be growing victory gardens next year.) They will keep flowering no matter what, until the first hard frost. Look at this! It’s after Columbus Day, and it’s still hoping. Too bad. I pinched the flower off so the plant will finishing ripening all those fruits. That’s what a sheltered spot will do for you.

The last crop of eggplant?
The last crop of eggplant?
Have some raspberries
Have some raspberries!

The volunteer tomato is not so sheltered. In fact, so far, I’ve managed to get exactly one tomato before the slugs. It’s not pretty.

While I expect lots more tomatoes yet, I’m pretty sure this is the last batch of eggplants. For their part, the fall-bearing raspberries are just kicking into high gear.

So have a virtual raspberry, and don’t get too worried if I miss a day or two for a week.