Fall vegetables

Chinese Egglant growing full circle
Oriental Egglant growing full circle
Chinese eggplant growing normally
Oriental eggplant growing normally

This curly eggplant is one of the third batch of Oriental eggplants I’ve expecting to harvest. Every time I remember how tasty the previous ones have been, I also remember a Japanese proverb cited in one of my favorite (non-writing) blogs: don’t your daughter-in-law eat autumn eggplant. Nobody seems to know what it means. Is it okay to let her eat summer eggplant? It’s a mystery.

Volunteer acorn squash
Volunteer acorn squash
Mystery squash remains a mystery
Still a Mystery squash

Speaking of mysteries (reach for that segue), so far most of my Mystery Squashes are turning out to be acorn squash. They are now officially volunteer acorn squashes.

Meanwhile this orange squash is holding on to its secrets. Buttercup? Butternut? Any guesses?