Penultimate Harvest

A frost warning sent me out to my community garden plot yesterday to gather all the green tomatoes that were never going to get ripe. I picked a heavy bagful of tomatoes, a few from my Butter Bush, a lot from the Rutgers, plus four more huge tomatoes from a volunteer tomato plant in my […]

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Mystery squash meet their fate

The mystery squash have finally met their end. They were chopped up, peeled, tossed with olive oil, and roasted. Along with a parsnip, just in case they tasted weird. Weird they were, but not too weird.  Some tasted like overgrown zucchini, some like bland winter squash, some like a wild grassy feral relative of squash. […]

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Golden squash to be

I thought planting a bush variety of squash would be better than getting overwhelmed with squash, but the two little squashlettes it has produced so far is less than underwhelming. Now, all of a sudden, there’s at least four of five of them hiding under the leaves. Do you think it knows there’s a deadline […]

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Vegetable last hurrah?

The squash blossoms haven’t been totally confused. I’ve been watching the usual acorn squash ripening under a pear tree. And I see I should have plucked up the inevitable swallow-wort sprout before I took the picture. That stuff is a plague! But I don’t want to talk about that right now.

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