Even the critters get a merry Christmas

For the last couple weeks, I’ve left a small bag of pecans has been laying around, with the vague thought that maybe the squirrels would like them. You think? Anyway, today seemed like a good day to offer this treat, so I poured the pecans into a little cardboard basket, and set them outside.

As soon I came back in, I looked out to find a squirrel investigating the basket. It sniffed at it. It poked its head in. Then it reached in and sat up with a pecan in its hands. It looked so cute just sitting there. Finally, it ran up the hill with the pecan in its jaws.

This happened too fast for me to get a picture. Besides it was time to go out to the annual Dimsum for Christmas outing. Needless to say, when we got back, all the pecans were gone. I imagine we missed seeing some excited raids. Did they all get eaten, I wonder. How many got cached in the ground? We’ll find out when a pecan tree starts growing in the yard.

Hope you had a good Christmas, too!