I grew some food!

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Because of all the rain, it’s been about a week since I visited my community garden plot. I was startled by all the changes.

One squash plant had vanished, another had wilt on all its leaves, and a third had its stems swollen with vine borers. They came out, leaving one Zephyr squash and one watermelon plant. They aren’t flowering much, either, so I don’t think my plot is likely to attract any squash bees.

The lettuce was starting to send up little towers of flowers, so I pulled them all out. Some of the daikon were also flowering, so I left the flowers for the bees, and pulled all the plants for the greens. The turnips I also pulled. Though neither the daikon nor the turnips formed much by way of roots, they filled a nice bag of greens.

The coolest part was the beautiful eggplants curling in the air where none were before. The next coolest was the bountiful shallots I dug up. Nearly every clove I planted had turned into about four more. The few onions I found were only about the same size as the shallots.

Add in the parsnips I thinned out, and today’s harvest was  a respectable bowl of food.


2 thoughts on “I grew some food!

  1. Mmm, shallots.
    Hey, do you have tomatoes in? I was at the farm Friday, and late blight – which is practically endemic now, since Walmart et al. managed to blanket the northeast with it a few years ago – was back with a vengeance. If you’ve dodged it so far, keep a close eye on your plants. When it hits, it hits late and fast. Your plants go from perfect to withered just as the fruits ripen.

  2. I’ve gotten a couple of tomatoes from that plot so far. When I went to check on my plants Saturday, they still looked fine, but only had a few small fruits. Other plants were looking spotty, and I’ve heard others have been removed completely. With all the rain we’ve getting, it’s probably only a matter of time before I have to pull mine and stick them in the trash. I’m not going to give up on them quite yet.

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