Compost fixes everything

Finally, finally one of my compost tumblers finished cooking the leaves and weeds, and finally I emptied it. So today I brought over a couple more bags of compost to my community garden plot, and the most important “finally” is that the whole plot has a layer of compost on it. The best part is […]

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Planted my garden plot today

Well, I’m finally recovered from NERAX, and plots are ready in the Watertown Community Garden, so today I went over to plant mine.  Besides, Earth Day is a day to spend in the garden. Things are looking pretty spartan still at the community garden, and I had to circle around a few times to find […]

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Iceberg in lettuce

Iceberg lettuce looks like something you have to form, not at all like a natural object a plant can grow. But they do grow. With all the rain, hard cores have been forming inside. It’s been amazing to watch the leaves curl inward and iceberg itself. But with all the rain, some of the outer […]

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