Planted my garden plot today

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Well, I’m finally recovered from NERAX, and plots are ready in the Watertown Community Garden, so today I went over to plant mine.  Besides, Earth Day is a day to spend in the garden.

Things are looking pretty spartan still at the community garden, and I had to circle around a few times to find my number amid the mostly bare plots. At first I thought 5 feet by 6 feet was pretty big, but I managed to fill it up.

First off I planted sweet alyssum for any syrphids that might care to drop by. Hopefully, they’ll lay some eggs and leave a few killer maggots to eat pests.
Then I planted lettuces, shallots, and onions. And from my ancient seed packets, I sowed rutabagas, parsnips, gailaan (aka Chinese Broccoli), turnips, and cilantro. There’s no telling whether any of them will come up, but I’ve got plenty more where that came from.
So what did I go to Home Depot looking for? Seeds! OMG, but the nursery section was huge; they had a whole other section fenced out in the parking lot. I got my usual summer plants: two tomatoes (One Better Bush, one Rutgers), two Ichiban eggplants, and two Poblano pepper plants. And a couple of new tomato towers, each of a different design. I’ll run a little experiment to see which tower I like better.
And yes, I did get some seeds. Dill, garlic chives, and Shasta Daisy.

Finally, in case you didn’t notice, I’m changing the title of this blog. More than anything, it’s become a gardening blog, and the part of gardening that interests me the most are the bees. I’ve got bees on the brain, and they aren’t going away.