A veggie patch in May

Mostly an onion patch
Mostly an onion patch

Here’s my tiny vegetable patch, which may give you some idea of how little ground I manage to keep neat.

In the back row are the remaining leeks from a zillion planted last spring.

Next is a sixpack of Iceberg lettuces. Those boards are resting on nice, moist compost to lure the snails to think they have a safe place to hide. Little do they know they’re going to get flung down to the street. If they’re slugs, they get worse. The first time I hacked up a slug with an oyster shells, I felt bad about committing slugicide. Then I saw what happened to the sixth lettuce. Now it’s a fivepack.

Up front are a few cloves of garlic I planted last November, and in the right-heand corner, an onion that started to sprout. Since it was so eager to grow, I figured, hey why not?

Early Girl tomato up to her neck

It’s a cute little patch, but it’s not the sunny spot. That is reserved for my annual tomato plant. Like last year, I bought an Early Girl. A couple weeks ago, I picked out a nice short one with densely branched leaves. Then I parted the daffodils, and laid the tomato plant down in a short trench.  So it’s buried up to its neck, like the guy at the beach buried in the sand.  The idea is while the weather is still coolish, it will establish lots of roots from the buried stem and be ready to grow robustly as soon as summer hits.