Five whole garlics harvested

Today I noticed some stems had fallen over where I planted garlic last fall. Then I remembered: Oh yeah, I planted some garlic last fall! If the leaves have fallen over, maybe the bulbs are ripe. Out comes the trowel, and in goes a little digging, and — hey, presto! — I has garlic. A […]


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Divisive garlic

It hasn’t rained for a couple weeks. The heat is setting in. The less irrigated corners of the garden are getting crunchy underfoot. The rain barrel is even running low. This week is going to be hotter. Summer weather in July, what a concept. No wonder the garlic cloves I stuck in the ground last […]

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One bed squared away

Now I’m falling behind on getteng the yard cleaned up. I’ve got exactly one patch weeded, and covered with compost.  You can’t see them, but the upper right corner also has 20 slivers of garlic planted from the cores of a couple heads of garlic.  That one leek is the last of a batch I […]

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And garlic, too

I see now that I dug up my first garlic way too early. It took another month for the other two garlic plants to mature. They finally lay down flat on the earth as if they just couldn’t take it any more. So I dug them up, and hey presto! A whole head of garlic. […]

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Eric the half-a-garlic

The trouble with growing root crops is you can’t see what’s under the ground. The cool part of growing root crops is that things are happening underground unseen. Last fall, I pushed a half dozen garlic cloves into the soil.  They sprouted and waved their stalks in the air. Then a couple days ago, I […]

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