Eric the half-a-garlic

Half a head of garlic
Half a head of garlic

The trouble with growing root crops is you can’t see what’s under the ground. The cool part of growing root crops is that things are happening underground unseen. Last fall, I pushed a half dozen garlic cloves into the soil.  They sprouted and waved their stalks in the air. Then a couple days ago, I noticed that a couple of the stalks were folded over.

Hmm. Isn’t garlic supposed to fall over when it gets ripe? So I dug one up and found–half a head of garlic. So … not quite ripe. And … not fallen over. Knocked over. So … why are the cats sitting on the garlic?

2 thoughts on “Eric the half-a-garlic

  1. Hmm. I’m pretty sure that if you want to grow a good bulb, you need to cut the scape off after it gets to a certain degree of development (and before it flowers). If you’re going to harvest instead of keep it growing for next season, look into this.

    1. I believe it’s only the hardneck varieties that flower and grow scapes that need to be cut off. This is storebought softneck garlic that started to sprout last year. You’re supposed to pull them when the leaves turn brown and fall over. This one’s leaves were knocked over and still green, so I’m lucky it’s even half ready.

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