One bed squared away

Next year's herb garden

Now I’m falling behind on getteng the yard cleaned up. I’ve got exactly one patch weeded, and covered with compost.  You can’t see them, but the upper right corner also has 20 slivers of garlic planted from the cores of a couple heads of garlic.  That one leek is the last of a batch I planted last year. The runt. Some time before the ground freezes, I ought to pull that up. The green shots near the bottom are two onions and a shallot that started sprouting. So I guess it’s turning into the allium garden.

I’m really not sure what to do with this spot. It’s so convenient, I want to grow vegetable here, but it keeps getting mowed down by slugs. So maybe I’ll try to grow herbs in it next year.  More alliums like garlic chives and scallions might work. Basil and cilantro would be nice. And maybe I’ll finally plant my weird Japanese seeds of mitsuba and shungiku.  And maybe in six months I’ll forget what the heck I wanted to do.