The cool weather seems to be confusing the squash plants. Usually the flowers are closed by noon, but this was still wide open to what little sun warmed the gray sky this afternoon. What I wanted to know is whether there were any squash bees inside.

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Squash weather, too

Okay, it’s summer. I get it. It’s hot every day. And humid. And even when I think it’s not so bad, a short walk leaves me feeling like I’m stuck inside my own personal heat booth. The plants seem happy. More squash are flowering. I’m finding more female squash blossoms, with the little mini-me versions […]


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Fruit of weeding

You never know what you’re going to uncover when you finally do some serious weeding. No, I take that back. Mostly you know you’re going to uncover more weeds. Until I found a squash under a pear tree.  Partridges were not involved.

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Another batch of volunteers

Last year I discovered squash bees in my yard. Since they specialize in squash, I wanted to make sure they would have squash flowers. So I planted some crookneck summer squash. And it’s coming up. So far so good. And now this year’s batch of volunteer squash are showing up, which means we might have […]

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Fall vegetables

This curly eggplant is one of the third batch of Oriental eggplants I’ve expecting to harvest. Every time I remember how tasty the previous ones have been, I also remember a Japanese proverb cited in one of my favorite (non-writing) blogs: don’t your daughter-in-law eat autumn eggplant. Nobody seems to know what it means. Is […]

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Squash Blossoms

Meanwhile, Mystery Squash #1 continues to take over its corner of the known world. It’s clambering over those daylilies on the right and powering up the slope toward Mystery Squash #2. There’s at least half a dozen more Mystery Squashes scattered out back. And they’re flowering.

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Competing for Greens

Today, I figured I would harvest some collard greens before the plants get too humongous, and some critters decided they doesn’t want to wait for them to cook. So impatient. A batch of greens is worth the wait, holes and all. And no, there was no additional protein on the leaves. Whatever they were, they […]

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