Competing for Greens

Tasted collards
Tasted collards

Today, I figured I would harvest some collard greens before the plants get too humongous, and some critters decided they doesn’t want to wait for them to cook. So impatient. A batch of greens is worth the wait, holes and all. And no, there was no additional protein on the leaves. Whatever they were, they bugged on and bugged off.

So the collards are holding their own for the moment, but they’re standing right next to another unit from the squash army.

Squash flower
Squash blossom

This is Volunteer Squash #2. Its flowers seem bigger and its leaves are rounder than Volunteer Squash #1. So I may be getting lots of squash, along with lots of bees. I know that segue is a good long stretch, but it’s so neat to see all these honeybees.

Two happy honeybees
Happy happy honeybees