My Volunteer Army

The first volunteer sunflower is open.
The first volunteer sunflower is open.

You never know what’s going to turn up. This sunflower is one of at least three that decided to plant themselves in my yard. And none of them are the sprouts in the compost tub.

Squash that sprouted in compost
Squash that sprouted in compost

They were squash seeds. I moved them, but they were pretty spindly and only a couple are even hanging in there.

Volunteer Squash is stealing a march.
Volunteer Squash stealing a march.

Compost is a much better growing medium when you spread it a around and let whatever’s in there volunteer itself. At least I think that’s how this big guy planted himself. All these squash are utter mysteries. We were eating all sorts of winter squash last year and scooping all sorts of seeds into the compost, so they could be anything from sugar pumpkin to kabocha. This is why you don’t let weed seeds get into the compost.

Every year there's a volunteer tomato somewhere.
This year's volunteer tomato

The compost theory doesn’t explain this tomato plant. It’s in a spot that I haven’t even weeded. There seems to be a law in my yard that a volunteer tomato has to grow somewhere. It’s got room. Let’s see what it is.

Does your compost seed all that it can seed?


2 thoughts on “My Volunteer Army

  1. I wouldn’t put money on my guess, but if this were a contest my entry would be that it’s some sort of winter squash. The leaves don’t look quite right for the summer ones I’m familiar with.

    Also, is that a strawberry plant poking out from underneath it?

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