Still Harvesting

More optimistic tomatos
Collards being a fan of tomatoes

The collards on the hillside were looking a bit clumpy and wilted, and there was a dusting of frost here and there. Oh noes! Were the tomatoes too optimistic?

Well, yes and no. Yes, there are still new flowers opening. No, the plant was still fine. But it was time to admit the tomato season is over. So the tomatoes came in. And a nice bunch of collards. And yet another handful of raspberries. And here they are piled on the counter.

All the time I was picking I was thinking, What a great plant! It gave me delicious tomatoes all summer, but I think I there’s more green tomatoes than all the red ones put together. They’ll ripen eventually, and be at least as good as supermarket tomatoes, but it might be time to find out what fried green tomatoes are like.