Podcasts Of Mars

The Readercon panel that had me taking lots of notes was “Podcasts Of Mars.” They threw out a huge list of podcasts worth listening to, and gave pointers for creating your own podcasts.

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I love Readercon, but it’s still too many people, too many ideas, too much information in too little space. No wonder it doesn’t take long for me to go into buffer overflow. What? A writer who needs a little alone time? Never heard of such a thing. This year it was even hotter than usual […]

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On-line fiction

Readercon has been over for a couple days, and I’m just starting to recover. One panel that got me stirred up was “The Aesthetics of Online Magazines,” which left me feeling very depressed about the future of the web as a means of delivering fiction as text.

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Readercon Is Coming

My favorite SF convention, Readercon, starts three weeks from tonight. It’s a wonderful little con that focuses on the written work. So it’s full of books, and people talking about books, and people reading books, and of course, the people who write the books.

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