NERAX is hastening near

Instead of going to Boskone tonight, I’ve got my webmaster hat on. I’ve been wearing it all week, working on updating the NERAX website It’s now running on Joomla, and it’s like having a  new toy to play with. The festival itself is coming up at the end of March, and we’re just hitting […]

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NERAX North is coming

Well, I’ve got another beer festival to keep me busy: I’ll be the Bar Manager at NERAX North, starting a week from tonight. NERAX is all about the traditional method of serving beer, naturally carbonated and cool as a stone-lined cellar. It’s beer you can taste and beer worth tasting. This year, we have a […]

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NERAX is coming

I’m going to be a bit crazy next week. NERAX is coming. It’s a beer festival dedicated to showcasing the traditional style of beer, before it was filtered, pasterized, chilled, and put into pressurized kegs. We’re so traditional that more than half the beers in the festival will be coming from the UK, where the […]

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