Don’t encourage me

So yesterday, I got an encouraging rejection, basically saying keep seeking a home for this story. I have no problem with that. I do my best to push a story right back out into the finest slush piles. And I’m hoping to find this story a good home, but all the professional markets that haven’t […]

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Racking up the rejections

As I continue to rack up the rejections, a comment I received from The Furlow Writing Lab got me thinking about why I post my rejections here. I think I was inspired by a post by Benjamin Rosenbaum about keeping score and the old story about papering the bathroom wall with them.  Alas (to borrow […]

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Still plugging away

Not much to report on the writing front, except to note that yesterday, I was getting the feeling that I was due for another rejection.  One of my stories came through on that front this morning, and I sent it right back out again. I like to think that expecting a rejection made it easier […]

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How to get rejected

I’ve been slacking on the hard work of gathering rejections lately. Those recent brushes with selling a story kind of threw me off my game. And it didn’t help that two of them had fallen into black holes, so I had to look up how to withdraw them. And write notes of withdrawal. And work […]

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Just the other day, I was thinking I hadn’t had a story rejected lately. So of course, another one got kicked back into the “keep trying” pile.  Dang.

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