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I just changed this blog’ s theme. You may see the layout shuffle around a little, but I think I like it. What do you think? Advertisements

Buffer overflow

What if a blog divided by zero? Why doesn’t that create an infinite number of posts? Maybe it’s because zero have such an affinity for infinity, it contains that infinite number. So there’s actually zero posts.

Therefore, this blog does not exist.

Life is overwhelm

I suppose I’m going to Boskone this weekend, but I’m so busy putting off other things, I haven’t had time to think about it.

Or this blog.

Yes, you got it. Another content-free post written in unthinking haste. What a waste!

More fun with the internet

There’s nothing like spending an afternoon finally getting a thing or two working in Joomla to leave you feeling pleased and yet drained of creative energy.  You will have to turn elsewhere for your dose of blather.

Mirror mode

The writing is going even more slowly than usual. I’m in smoothing out and polishing mode on the current story. I will try to let go before it has to become mirror shiny. The rejections aren’t even happening all that quickly: just one came in this last week to bounced out again like a ray off a mirror. What counts is that it’s still going.

Phooey, yawn, and phooey

Have I said Phooey before? Why yes, I believe I have.

Am I saying Phooey now? Very well then, I shall say Phooey.

Shall I say Phooey again? No doubt of it whatsoever.

Phooey yesterday and Phooey tomorrow, why not Phooey today?

Good night, gents and ladies.


You know what? I’m going to punt tonight.

ITouch my new toy

iPod Touch in its last moments of pristineness

If I seem preoccupied lately, you can blame my new toy, all because Amazon made the mistake of advertising the Kindle. It was just interesting enough for me to do some hunting around and decide that what I was much more interested in was an iPod Touch. So I borrowed one. I played with it a bit. After I read Act One on it, I was sold.
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Null post

If you’re reading this, that’s because I have nothing ready, not even this post about nothing. There is supposed to be a post scheduled if I fall behind, but I never wrote it. So it’s less than nothing.

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Too hot to post

It was too hot to post yesterday. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. It was so hot, the lilies exploded.  They opened all at once in flares of color like fireworks.


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