Ignore the rain

It’s raining again. Everything is grey. It’s raining again. The water-barrel is overflowing. What exactly do I need to save water for? It’s raining again. And it’s cold! Time to pile the blankets we never put away back on the bed. You’re not supposed to be tempted to turn on the heat in June!


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The world is covered with soft white domes and framed with plowed-up edges on the streets. But am I enjoying the interesting shapes they form? Snope. I just want to go back inside and toast my feet.

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Nothing happened today. Nope. No snow, no rain, no sun. Just a cloudy day of nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to see. Nice.

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My brain has the dumb. My shoulders has the tight. My feet has the ache. But…

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Now what have I learned?

I’m having one of those wake up with a sore throat and head into Chinatown for noodle soup and drowse the rest of the day kind of days. This blog, oddly enough, seems unaffected. People are steadily passing by, looking at the damndest things.

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Why bother?

Looking at another midnight coming up with zero interest in finishing what I had planned to post today. I can’t even claim I has the dumb or the sleepy. Maybe it’s the season. Maybe it’s the approaching anniversary of starting this blog. I just seem to be stuck in the “Why bother?” phase.

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