What did I do in 2009?

I  guess it’s time to do the Obligatory Review Post. So what the heck did I do with myself this year? Let’s see.

The biggest thing was actually finishing a story that I had been wrestling with for over two years. Embarrassing, I know. But that broke the logjam. Now I have five stories and (for no good reason) one poem done.

The next biggest thing was submitting those stories, and keeping them under consideration. Or at least, under a big pile of slush.

What else?

I finished reading 67 books. That includes 14 novels, one graphic novel, one short story collection, and one poetry collection. It also includes a backlog of several books that I haven’t posted about yet.

I finished reading or listening to 90 short stories. This includes a fair number of stories that didn’t make much of an impression of me, so I didn’t post about them.

I saw about a dozen species of bees, but not quite the bees I saw last year.

I burned through my fascination with knitting in only three and a half projects.

I haunted the farmers markets until I bought enough Roxbury Russet apples to make lots of pies and applesauce.

Currently, I’m working on baking the perfect loaf of sourdough, the perfect loaf of multigrain, and the perfect challah.

And I still haven’t gotten tired of my annual cheap joke:

See you next year.