Leap Snow

It’s snowing! For real snowing going-to-fall-until-tomorrow-morning snowing. Just now, it’s in the stage where it’s sticking to branches and looking pretty. It’s particularly nice on evergreens with that dark green and white contrasty thing going on. The ground is warm enough, so it’s not sticking to the paths yet. Yet.

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No snow today

We had snow before, and there will be more, but we have no snow today. It fell in the night, silent and white, and then it melted away. While it lay on the ground, the cat made his rounds,  leaving a steady trail. Then he came inside, licked himself dry, and covered his nose with […]

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Melt indicator

The shovel handle I stuck in the snow has turned into a kind of melt indicator. The overall level of snow has gone down a little, but the real indication is how far the handle has tilted. When it finally falls over, maybe then I’ll consider that winter might actually end around here.

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Snow breaks

There’s young shoots and snowdrops, and then there’s the ugly things revealed by melting snow. Bad snow! You broke my lilac bush!

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A teeny bit of melting

Some of the trails are trodden by squirrels. Some are the glazes of trickling rills. Except calling them rills is a wording too strong, For the trails of a melt that is oozing along. Just the feeble signs of a slightly warm day, And another false promise it will all go away.

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Melt, already!

There’s only so many pictures you can take of snow of ice, especially when it looks exactly the same from day to day. Exactly the same. So…here’s what it looks like at night.

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Snow banks

The storm has blown by overnight, and here is one of the snow banks it formed.  I love the shapse the snow can form, sweeping crests and overhanging waves. It amazes me how firmly those shapes stay put. And I love it even more when those snow banks form in the right places.

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