Snow bright

There’s days when you have to shovel snow, and then there’s days when you have to admire it. Today is one of those days. Even though it’s so cold, the squirrels get inside the feeders to eat, it’s a bright day. You look out on a bright blue sky on a swath of white snow […]


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A blizzard of birds

Along with today’s blizzards, a bunch of juncos showed up! The snow piled up so high, some of the birds were hopping about right under the kitchen window. Most of them hung out in the bushes, or suddenly burst into flight, or one by one swooped down to the feeders. The birds even pecked at […]

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The storm was not very nice to my cold weather plants.  The snapdragons are munged, the collards are covered, and the scallions are barely hanging in there, all scraggly on top of the snow. I’m sure the scallions will be fine, and the snapdragons will grow back. But I worry about the collards up on […]

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Snowy birds

So we got a blizzard, but it’s not winter until the juncos show up. I’ve been wondering what’s keeping them. And I wondered last night, while listening to the storm huffing and puffing and rattling the windows, where do the birds go? I suppose they go the same places they go every night. By dark, […]

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Safe from the snow

We actually went shopping with a storm coming — and it wasn’t so bad. How am I supposed to get a story out of that? Well, as part of putting the milk and ice melt and kohlrabi away, we finally dragged the Weber kettle to safety. And that’s a bit of a story.

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Another White Solstice

Welcome to another White Solstice. Unlike last year, the first snow waited until the solstice, a steady light snow that barely added up to an inch.  Naturally, the evil cat insisted that it must be inspected. As you can see by the tracks, he did a thorough job of criss-crossing before declaring the snow a […]

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Snow in stasis

We’re stuck in that midwinter pause, when the days are short and the sun isn’t changing.  It’s still cold outside. The snow still looks pretty much the same. There’s still sparrows and juncos  mobbing the feeders. Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal still drop by.  Nothing much seems to be happening.

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