Safe from the snow

Weber kettle safe and sound, if grimy

We actually went shopping with a storm coming — and it wasn’t so bad. How am I supposed to get a story out of that? Well, as part of putting the milk and ice melt and kohlrabi away, we finally dragged the Weber kettle to safety. And that’s a bit of a story.

Turned out to be a two-person job. While I was holding the door open for my Faithful Assistant,  a leg fell off.  From the Weber. I stuffed the leg back into its socket, he wrestled the grill through the door, and the leg fell off again. I reseated it. We hauled the kettle to a good spot — and two legs fell off.  Reseat. Reseat. Lift please. Okay that’s good. We’re done.

That’s why you need fiction for a real story.


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