Three little snowdrop maids are we

Three little snowdrop maids are we, Shaking our bells of fantasy. Open your eyes and you will see Three little snowdrop maids. One little maid shakes off the snow. Two little maids sway to and fro. Three little maids trade what we know. Three little snowdrop maids. We open our petals to greet the sun. […]


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Oblivious snowdrops

The snowdrops are looking much happier today.  It always looks to me like little white wings spreading open and taking their ease, so much that “snowdrops spread their wings” sets off a cliché alert.  I could swear I’ve used that phrase before, but maybe I always deleted it before.  Well, I’m saying it now, just […]

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Ice and Snowdrops

Cold day, cold day, cold day, melty day, cold day. The only sign of spring coming is the sunset rushing later into the day.  All of a sudden, it’s bright out at four in the afternoon. But it’s still so icy out, even the snowdrops are droopy.

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Ignore the deluge

It’s wet out there today. As in repeated flood warnings wet. So here’s a few snowdrops from a few sunny days ago. I hope the snowdrops are enjoying the rain. They can have it.

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Snow? No. Snowdrops

It snowed this morning. Then it stopped. Then it snowed again. Then it stopped. Then it snowed really hard. Then it stopped. And it melted. And the sun came out. But wait! The sky clouded over. The wind blew. It was freaking cold out! Do the snowdrops care?

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Waiting for snowdrops

Usually I see the first snowdrops in mid- to late January. Usually the rest are flowering by now.  But this year, I guess the lack of snow cover is making them reluctant. The ground has been bare and hard and cold for weeks on end. Even today, after a few inches of wet snow came […]

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